Animals Life Matters


Humans are not the only animals trying to Survive each day.

Despite human interests and needs, moral response and judgement lets animal lives matter more.

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How do animals benefit humans?

Emotional support

Animals can serve as a source of comfort and support. Animals can become a way of building a bridge for those social interactions. Animals may help you in other unexpected ways.

Helping Each Other

Pets also bring new responsibilities. Knowing how to care for and feed an animal is part of owning a pet. Researchers will continue to explore the many health effects of having a pet. 

Our Values & Mission

Animal Lives

Survival to be the fittest is the routine of animals. They don’t get anything as granted. Yet we may think, our pets are not trying to survive. We know only that they are safe with us. Animal lives are fundamentally important as they are centrally implicated with our lives.


Animals create a balance, wellbeing and stability to the environment. It is our responsibility to take care of the animals as we all are sharing the same planet.

Steps To Conserve Animals: Small Scale

Each one of us can take care of animals in our own way. Some of us may not be able to give much attention to animals. For that sort of person, there are few ways in which looking after animals is a routine.


Feeding street animals is a simple way anyone can help with. Even a little amount of food makes them happy.


Feeling adopted by anyone can make an animal feel secure and happy. Make them feel loved.


Do not buy or use animal-based products for fashion products and stuff.


For any non-governmental organisation that is true for the sake of animals deserve donations that might help animals survive.


Many animals are experiencing cruelty of plastic usage. They are involuntarily having been killed by many of us because of plastic.


If possible, take care of vaccination of animals around you. Take them regularly so that they are healthy and fit.


Plant saplings of trees, as they are the best homes of animals as well as birds. Seeing birds chirping and squirrels running errands will make you happy too.


For both animals and birds, when they are starving, dehydrating or tired, water in bowls can help. Take it as a routine to keep water in bowls near or in your garden.


Go for vegetarian foods rather than non-vegetarian and cut down meat in your meal. Who knows, it may change the taste of people around you.


Our language shapes the way in which we view the animals. Do call anyone Donkey for degrading them, you never know that you are degrading donkeys. Also, referring to animals as “he” or “she” according to gender rather than “it” or “that” will help.


As spending birthdays in serving orphans, we can serve stray animals for at least a day.

Steps To Conserve Animals: Large Scale

Small scale changes are important, but on their own, they will not be enough. Large corporations can make large changes by investing money into becoming more sustainable. Here are some of the things we think larger corporations could do.

Empower Local Farmers

Local farmers often try to stick to cheaper methods of cattle and poultry growing such as free range growth, etc. Outsourcing from local farmers is a good way of helping the economy and the corporation.

Listen to the Consumers

Consumers are starting to understand animal cruelty and its affects. Making changes that point towards the coming future is important and can improve profits as well!

Cut down on Hormone Usage

Many egg producers feed chickens hormones to make the egg larger and more frequently laid.

Invest in Animal Cruelty Education

Within the company, a space for looking inwards on the company to find ways to keep profit coming while becoming sustainable is key.

The Animal Kingdom is crying out forour help. They need our love, support and protection now. Humanity is their only hope.

Anthony Douglas Williams

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. All life matters no matter how small.

Dr. Paul Farmer

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Make sure you know our information before you use any of these tips. Some tips may not be suitable for certain situations.

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Helping animals is extremely important nonetheless. They feel pain, like we do and they have emotions, like we do. So what’s the difference between us?

content by : Ashwini & Indira Priya Darsini G