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As the current situations have been hit rock & bottom, there is an emergency bell ringing continuously. The unemployment crisis have already been a challenge in India and all the minds full of creative are empty hands and Covid-19 has give it a boost that most people now are under on daily survival process. It’s humanity calling all hands together to overcome this crisis of empty hands.

Empty hands are:
• Empty stomach also
• Hollow dreams.
• Mental stress
• Undernourished life
• Undeveloped future generation

We need to overcome this by taking ahead a small step and being responsible towards society as we together make this a society, a state or a country. The biggest community you belong to right now is a nation. Being free from this unemployment crisis and aiming towards the development is needed. Freedom is not an action it’s a consequence. Taking Responsibility is the action which will ultimately outcome to freedom. Here we are connecting to you all in search of support, make sure you don’t hang-up.

‘We need to be responsible, not just talking about freedom ‘