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As we’re the one who are dominating the society because of the intelligence we have got, we must also be responsible towards the other beings we share the planted with. As we don’t exist alone and if they’re going to be extinct we are together going to fall. Animal cruelty has been raised like a fire through some times.

Cruelty heights
• Hunting them for the desire
• Peeling off their skin for your showcase
• Beating them for pleasures
• Poaching is done in various areas
• Their homes are broken

Animal are the one who need our care as they are not able to do all this by themselves. As we are using the nature in every way possible, we must have an urge to be responsible and more sustainable towards the nation. As we are also dependent on them and if we don’t do it when its time, it’ll long gone and will never be same again. We cannot ignore the co-habitation fact, every being plays an important role in action and are in danger zone to get vanished.

There is a need
• To save the animals
• To save their habitats
• To make them nourishment
• To make the ecology better
We are making a forward step joining the paws 🐾, to diminishes the flaws. Make sure you are there, make sure life is fair.

‘We have individual experience, we don’t exist alone’