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Any nation, or any state is known by its culture, traditions and arts. As India is the biggest origin of many religious art forms. We are very much diverse, as if you walk away 50km the food, the clothe, traditions and language is different. We have diversity in abundance still we manage to be one that’s the one royalty which should never go away as that is our crown of pride.

Importance of art’s
• Various kinds of hand weaving.
• Cultural designs clothing
• Soulful music
• Powerful dancing forms
• Handcrafted beauties
• Variety of creative arts

Reviving the spirit
Something which is pride and strength must be alive. Various art forms and other creativity has been on downgrade from a long time, as we are into rapid progress of diminishing the glory we have with our arts. The minds which work efficient than computer, the designs are of crater hands. We still have left many forms and arts which are needed to be protected from being extinct and that our talents must play on the front line. We are here standing to protect the hands of creation. It’s our responsibility that our hands creates happiness.
YOU ARE AN ARTIST, and if you came to this great life canvas and didn’t paint the colors you hold to make a masterpiece(Art), life will be a misery.