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This pandemic as nature us giving us a tough fight we need to stand like a soldier, As together we stand divide we fall here too it implement. This pandemic has shows us that in life the most important thing is life itself. So each live counts and we are already in loss. it’s a survival process which we need to acknowledge and overcome. Here raising your hand for a human cause is just like being a freedom fighter.

• For a better well being.
• For mending broken heart.
• For fighting the survival.
• For being still alive and safe.
• For a better place to live in.

This is the first pandemic for many of the generation, as this much deaths has never been reported before neither this wide spread. As to achieve the survival every individual plays a vital role. If you don’t live where you are, move you’re not a tree. So we are hustling to reach out to you, make sure we stand together.