Affordable House for all

–     Harika Solasa

Possibilities on low-cost housing in India


Everyone has a dream of their own house. Most people dream about that but can’t afford it when it comes to reality. Because there are a lot of issues. 

For Example, A middle-class family has to maintain so many things for their living. And they have a dream about their own house. They all are maximum try to put theirs affords but the cost of living increases day by day. And they think about buying a house then it will be very burdensome to them. If they have their own house then they can save that rent amount which they spend more on. But In the span of their total life, only some people succeed and maximum are in their dream only.

So here the information on the Possibilities of Low-Cost Housing in India. There are so many possibilities when we seriously look into that. With the help of these possibilities, our dream will come true in reality at an affordable price. We need a house where we spend a lot of time with our family members. It is everyone’s favorite place in the world. 

These are the possibilities that we have is:

The materials commonly used for modern low-cost construction are 

  •  Bamboo House

Bamboo is used for many things. It is completely Eco-friendly. Bamboo houses are to be strong and safe. This natural house material is better than concrete during earthquakes. It is lightweight and also flexible.

  • Concrete sheet for house

These houses will be saving energy, concrete homes are also fire-resistant. There is much less chance of extensive damage than there might be in a home built by other methods. Few concrete block homes collapse after the fires.

  • Tiny House 

These Tiny Houses are very well known in other countries and in India also in some places this movement started and people work on this. The benefits of this Tiny House are Environmentally friendly, Simplicity, Easy Maintenance, Mobility, Multi-functional, and also it is available in Low Cost.

  •      Eco-friendly straw houses

These types of houses have many advantages like Good Sound insulation, Breath-ability, Low risk of fire and also Good for Environmental care.

Govt. scheme on Affordable Housing in India

Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY) Urban:

It is launched by the Central Government that wishes to provide “Housing for All” in urban areas by the end of 2022 through PMAY-U. PMAY provides central assistance for all eligible families across the nation. This scheme is classified on the basis of annual income and size of the house:

  • To enhance the purchasing power of a large number of families across the nation by providing interest subsidies.
  • Families may get interest subsidies on their home loans based on their income category.
  • Families are eligible to apply for PMAY. Any of the family members should not own a house in any part of the country.
  • The amount can be used for the renovation of a current house or purchasing a new house.
  • The houses constructed/acquired should be in the name of the female head of the household or in the joint name of the male head of the household and his wife


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TEXTILE & CLOTHING (Make Natural Clothes)

– Nikita

‘Nature Is Calling, Come Back & Clean’

History- India was a greater supplier of textiles to the rest of the world one time.

  • 300 years ago, 60% of the world’s exports were Indian textile.
  • 3-4 million people died in 30 yd because the industry was simply knocked down.
  • This is the one reason why English left nearly 91-92% of people were agricultural, all weavers went back just to sustain.
  • Sir William Bentick Governor said- The bones of the cotton weavers are bleaching plains of India. In 1834-35,This statement was made to highlight the plights & misery of the traditional cotton weavers in India due to the ruins caused by British commercial policies towards traditional urban Indian hand-loom.

Threats to Nature

Synthetic clothing is the third(3rd) largest pollutant over the globe. The ignorance towards the threat of textile clothing nowadays giving can be life-threatening. As synthetic fiber has not only entered our clothing but our water bodies & our foods.

No. Of Clothes – The amount of clothing (which is mostly synthetic nowadays) an individual having is 5 times more than what our grandparents used to have. According to a survey by 2025, this margin will reach 10 times more just doubled.

  • Nearly 99% of fiber now a day is synthetic fiber. In which 95% of it is Poly Fiber. Only nearly 1-2% of it is a natural fiber.
  • Entering our water bodies and water threat is on the way of itself.
  • By entering our water bodies, synthetic fiber is entering in our dietary land.

Natural clothing & India

  • India’s rich natural resources for making and decorating textiles are unrivaled. It’s varied geographical regions and climates provide a huge range of plant fibers and natural dyes for the cultivators, weavers, dyer’s, printers, and embroiderers of the subcontinent.
  • Over centuries, most regions developed specialties based on local resources, such as the golden silks of Assam, the fine cotton of Bengal, or the red dyes of Southeast India.
  • India has 120 distinct varieties of weaves, nearly 50 of them will die nearly the next 10-15 years because only some old generation are doing and no one wants to take it further. We don’t praise our strength.
  • Types of weaves –  
  1. Plain weave – This is the most simple and common type which is inexpensive to produce yet durable and flat. Some fabric of plain weave is crepe, muslin, taffeta, and so on. 
  2. Twill weave – It is one of the oldest and finest types of weaving. One of the 3 unique types of weaving utilized for materials. Twill alludes to a particular kind of weaving that outcomes in an inclining design. 
  3. Satin weave- It has 4 or more shafts wrap floats. They are in interrupted diagonal which is excellently durable. 
    • There are 23 varieties of fiber found in the country. One of the oldest is khadi which is tied to the history and heritage of India.
      Natural derived colours :

      1. Red- Various shades of red and pink pigments were derived in India from the red & blackberries found on the common madder plant from the coffee family
      2. Yellow- Yellow was derived from onions skin, turmeric, cold tea, and rhubarb.
      3. Orange- Saffron which we know as Kesar, used to derive orange color.
      4. Blue- The most popular dye then, reigning supreme till today was indigo, the fresh leaves were fermented and the remaining sludge was drained & dried into indigo cakes.


      • The land of India has the trails to the fabric and its design with natural extracts. It is in the hand of India that we have a knowledge of nature and how to reform it magically without affecting nature. 
      • As the clothing with natural resources will be back in the stream, Indian weavers who have immense capability and talent will get a chance to showcase their unique talent. 
      • The problems associated with the natural water bodies will slightly cut down to very much. 
      • The problem of unemployment will resolve itself, As India was the land of mostly self-employed people. 
      • The Economy factor of India will rise as we moved towards what we were good that too with natural resources. 

      India has the talent and capability to make the best out of what is given, move towards nature. 

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Sports Development

– Annu Choudary

Simon Jenkins defines sport as a “Subset of leisure and work activities that involves both physical activity and competition”.

The importance of sports and fitness in one’s life is worthwhile. Sports is not about just playing but also it is an ambition and passion for some of us.

Playing sports enhances and improves your skills like leadership skills, setting a goal, willing to take risks, etc.

It is the basic component that contributes to development in our nation.

However, India’s last few years have made steady progress in the field of sports but not 100% improvements in the field. There will be a long run to accomplish that stage. It’s Time that we focus on young talents which are restricted or not recognized enough in the small parts of the country like slums, rural areas where we fail to recognize them and one’s who are genuinely talented doesn’t get an opportunity to get prosperity in the field of sports. It’s time that we don’t focus on their background, where they come from but to focus on how talented they are, nurture them and give them a platform to showcase their devotion towards sports.

Sports challenges, value, physical and mental strength in a short span of time.

Sports can tell us a lot about us, being an individual, and as a society. Apart from obsession in sports like football, cricket, volleyball, etc. We should also focus on small areas of sports.

Haryana was one of the worst affected states. Today, with the help of sports, the state government has been able to bring a huge turnaround in the attitude of the youth. They have exorcised their drug demons and have taken up sport as a way of life. And the result of that is Olympic medal-winning wrestlers and boxers.

Sport binds people across boundaries. When a national team (be it of any game) plays, the entire nation rises up as one. Such a quality is rarely seen elsewhere. So, my humble request to all moms and dads on Parent us is “Be a sport” and your kid will imbibe the same value. Sports not only keep us healthy and fit but also plays an important part in our personal lives.

Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

-John Wooden

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Special Kids and Special Education

– Femy Charles

If a child can’t learn the way we teach,

maybe we should teach the way they learn”

– Ignacio Estrada

I want to start with the story of ‘Adhiambo’ from Kenya, who became physically disabled at a younger age because of polio. After an episode of sexual violence which led to her becoming a parent at a young age, she moved to her aunt’s house. Unfortunately, her aunt couldn’t support her education and that is when the DFID (department of international development) stepped in and helped her to go to school. Today Adhiambo has made a lot of progress with the help of her teacher Madam Risper and she dreams of becoming a tailor and opening a shop.


This can be applied to everyone’s lives. Children with disabilities often face isolation and exclusion because their needs and requirements are different, but their disabilities do not define them, for if given proper nourishment they can also bloom into beautiful flowers and the key to this is Education.

Education brings empowerment and stability in one’s life and the same can be said for special students, with proper education they can learn to transform their weaknesses into strengths, make progress and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Access to quality education that enables children to bring out the best in them, is every child’s basic right. The only difference is that the approach towards special students needs to be a little different, in other words, it needs to be a little special! 

The most important aspect is awareness, both among tutors and parents. Many times, children with any form of disability don’t have access to any form of education because, of less awareness or lack of resources. Parents should allow and push their children so that, with proper guidance and learning they can develop and learn. Tutors must be supportive and patient with such kids as they may take more time to learn.  They must come up with unique strategies to teach them.

 Education can help these kids to promote self-growth and self-development by overcoming their disadvantages and exploring their strengths, which will help them to march forward towards their goals with confidence and resilience.

Another important aspect is inclusion, to make these kids feel wanted and accepted irrespective of their disabilities. Adhiambo while describing her joy said “For the first time, I felt like there was somebody to whom I was an interest […] who took time to ask about my welfare and, who would go out of their way to give me things I had never been given”

We have many Adhiambos around us with different disabilities be it ADHD, down syndrome, physical disabilities, autism, etc. They all need our help and support to grow and bloom. Children with disabilities just like all other children have the right, to access good quality education that can help them to bring out the best in them. Today fortunately we have many schools and social movements that promote special education and encourage parents to send their kids to school to help them grow.

I would like to end with a quote from David Vitter

I continue to believe if children are given necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams”


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“Farming adds years to your life and life to your years”

– Sona Shaukath


The beauty and gist of farming are the love for the soil, the beautiful produce, and the unconditional respect and adoration for food. Farming and gardening were never just a profit-earning journey. It means so much more. It means giving away a part of themselves when the customer buys their product.

The most difficult task is to give away the best products without mixing them with harsh chemicals and fertilizers. Fertilizers become necessary as the plant-eating pests tend to destroy the crops. It is also important to boost the growth of the plants. Chemical Fertilizers drift towards destroying the land and the water that flows brushing the land area.

Due to these reasons, the gravity of the use of Natural fertilizers and Home-made fertilizers is gaining attention. As the name suggests, home-made fertilizers are the natural fertilizers that can be easily prepared at home. Some of the best home-made fertilizers include:

  • Vegetable waste: Vegetable waste is a great source of many nutrients necessary to the plants. Make your own compost using the same. It will help to increase the quality and moisture of the soil.
  • Manure: Manure comes from different sources including horses, cows, chickens, and many more. They are rich in nitrogen and other nutrients. Raw manure is highly acidic and has a high risk of burning your plants. Compost it before using them as fertilizer.
  • Tree leaves: Tree leaves are usually bagged up and are made to settle in a corner. These leaves are an abundant source of minerals, which can earthworms to keep soil moisturized and lighter.
  • Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds can be recycled to acidify the soil for the growth of plant-like blueberries, roses, and tomatoes. They can be easily sprinkled on the top or by soaking them up to a week to make garden coffee, then use it to water your plants.
  • Eggshells: Eggshells are 93% calcium carbonate and can reduce the acidity of the soil. They contain calcium which is an essential nutrient to help in the growth of the plant. Wash out the eggshells, save them, and crush them to sprinkle above your soil.
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Acid Attack: A Burning Issue in India

By Charu Kirti

Women constitute an important part of society. They are responsible for giving birth to live but unfortunately, they are made to lose their lives in name of different brutalities committed against them. Whenever a woman decides to raise her voice against her substandard position in the patriarchal society, she is shunned by different means, either by acid physical abuse, or by burning her to death. Over the best decade, India has been witnessing an alarming growth of acid attack, especially on women.

A study revealed that 78% of the reported acid attack case is for refusal to marriage or a rejection of romance. “Acid attack on young women” is some of the headline’s newspaper. The most common type of acid utilized in these assaults includes sulphuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acid. Attackers will usually throw acid on the face, resulting in scarring, deformity, and permanent injuries. The treatment is a prolonged one and the victims go through several surgeries, each more painful than the one before.

‘The Criminal Law’ (Amendment) Act 2013, the guidelines by the Supreme Court of India the regulations have become stricter. But the survey of 2014 showed a 300% increase in the total number of acid attack cases reported. Our legal and medical systems have also proved very weak while dealing with such cases. Section 326 A in the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for acid attackers. The minimum punishment is 10 years imprisonment. It can extend up to life imprisonment with fine. A separate law to punish offenders in such cases was passed along with amendment of the law on sexual offenses.

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Love and joy

By Sona Shaukath


“Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. That is family.”

COVID-19 pandemic has left the human race of the earth’s surface in both misery and confusion. Hundreds of queries clog their minds as the corona virus continues to flap its wings around the globe. The biggest question mark in front of every human being is “what is next?”.When the world is at the peak to bow its head and pride to the virus, we are still hanging onto the last thread of hope and prayer. We still believe and trust that there will be a little sunshine at the end of this long tunnel of darkness.

Amidst all the terror and worries, we look around to that smiling faces who opened their arms to a warm hug during the whole pandemic, our family. The pandemic has let us open our minds and our eyes to the little things around us that have more meaning than money and fame. Those smiles, subtle laughs, a pinch of tear, and a lot more happiness. The family has always been shade and shelter for many disturbing hearts and souls. But unfortunately, it took us a non-contained virus and a heavily effected pandemic to realize what is worth our time.

Before the pandemic, we couldn’t even find a fleeting second to spend time with the people around us. We were busy running around for submissions, works, promotions, bonuses, deadlines, projects, and meetings. We forgot the initial goal we had while starting this job, “to keep my family happy”. But it took us a period of three months in the home to understand what it really means. This pandemic gave everyone a chance to keep their laptops away for a few minutes and to spend with their family. It opened the doors to the little alluring moments with your family. Reading a story to the little ones, gardening with your parents, helping your partner, taking up new hobbies, watching a movie together, eating lunch with everyone, enjoying the food prepared, and even sitting at the balcony with a cup of tea, talking to the people who really mean everything to you. Before the pandemic, we couldn’t even find a fleeting second to spend time with the people around us. We were busy running around for submissions, works, promotions, bonuses, deadlines, projects, and meetings. We forgot the initial goal we had while starting this job, “to keep my family happy”. But it took us a period of three months in the home to understand what it really means.

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

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By Neha. Shinde

COVID-19 Lockdown has influenced enormous areas of the world and everything seems to downsize. In such circumstances don’t let your time and inventiveness go squander. Utilizing time for the right things makes oneself more insightful and productive. Ponder about making your everyday innovation. Lockdown is for eliminating the pandemic and not for downgrading the creativity. It is rightly said “Empty vessels make more noise” Don’t become an empty vessel prefer becoming a vessel full of benefits and innovation.

In this Lockdown, you can evolve yourself and increase your knowledge. Learning something that is out of your comprehension widens your understanding of something you don’t know. Acquire knowledge of new languages, Learn that is advanced in your field, Experience the failures, Noting down into diary about the whole day work, Maintaining diet, Procuring online courses certification, Learn cooking, Learn about the essential needs. Undertaking new things matures your mind and personality too. “Your habits show on your personality”. Experience teaches you the new lessons of life, without experience self-confidence can never grow because self-confidence comes after experience. Facing failures teaches you to learn and grow. It is rightly said that “Failures is the first step towards success” because failures teach one the wrong side of oneself. Creating new things and learning out of it is momentous.

This COVID-19 Lockdown has taught us numerous things and lessons. Take it in a constructive way rather than pessimistic, think as if it is the valuable time given to you to do something ingenious and to bring the best out of you when you are finally out of this pandemic. Proving yourself first is better than proving others about who you are. Our mind and body change every month and every year and we should change accordingly. Studying is an essential part of everyone’s life but doing something apart from it is unique and unusual. Once bill gates said “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft”, this tells us that exam cannot decide someone’s future and the passion depends on oneself what one wants to be and what he wants to achieve because life is full of achievement if we decide.

Creativity is inexpensive in the terms of money but expensive in the terms of thinking. Time will not wait for your creativity and till your thinking process, it will keep moving on so make something worthy out of that time. You might come out as a more distinct and unusual person when you will step out of the house after lockdown, just the things you need to remember is utilize each and every day in gaining your success and fulfill the needs of your passion.

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Precautions to take to be safe from contracting coronavirus!

Prevention is better than cure, you might have heard this saying since childhood. Well, it is one of the most important saying especially during this pandemic. The coronavirus is a dreaded disease because of the severity! But there are few easy steps to prevent the coronavirus. Some of it is as follows:

1)Social distancing

2)Wearing masks whenever leaving home

3)Washing hands regularly

4)Keeping track of body temperature regularly

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Online classes and rural students.

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, all the schools and colleges have shut down to encourage social distancing. Due to which teaching has shifted from the traditional classroom teaching to a very new online form of teaching. It is new for both students and teachers, due to which the quality has decreased to some degree. This is the scenario in the urban cities, but the rural regions who are not privileged enough to have access to internet or maybe even a laptop or a smartphone are suffering and deprived of their right to education.

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