Charu Kirti & Sona Shaukath

“Home is not a place; it is a feeling”

The four-letter word, ‘Home’ has a different meaning to different people. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown thereafter have brought everyone more rooted and closer to their shelters. It altogether generated a different definition for the place. As alluring it sounds, it had its side effects. It has resulted in high usage of power and loss of energy and electricity. This turned out to be a major concern and resulted in the introduction of “Green homes”


Green homes are the houses that power the home using green energy. The idea of introducing renewable energy to power your home was a well-debated topic in the past decade. As the technological advancements took its pace, the need to create green homes became more and more necessary. As it is said “Use less and save more”, to save energy sources. Green energy focuses on consuming less energy while using renewable energy resources more efficiently.

There many ways to implement green energy in your home. This will make each and everyone at your home a step closer to Green Earth. Some of the ways in which we can implement green energy are listed below:

  • Rooftop Solar Panels: One of the most popular and effective ways to produce renewable energy is with photovoltaic panels. The panels are typically placed on the roof or in the yard where they capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity.
  • Solar Oven: Solar ovens work by trapping sunlight to heat food. And harnessing the sun’s energy to passively cook food is a great way to get started in the world of renewable energy.
  • Solar Water Heating: Solar water heaters use the sun to heat a reserve of water, which can then be pumped through your radiators or out your faucets and showerheads.
  • Solar Air Conditioning: Solar air conditioning employs the same principles of a solar water heater, but uses that hot water in an air conditioning system.
  • Tubular Skylights: Although tubular skylights, also called as Sun Tunnel, don’t actually create electricity, they do produce free natural light for your home by reflecting the sunlight using reflective coating in a mirror-like tube.

“A better tomorrow is the result of a better today”. Let’s start contributing your energy and time to implement green energy for a greener earth.

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– Neha Shinde


“The Farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer”- Will Rogers. In a year thousands and millions of farmers suicide due to unemployment and malnutrition. According to the government data, the rate of suicides and deaths of farmers in 2019 between January and March is 610. Before 2019 the rate of suicides and deaths of farmers’ were in millions, the decreasing rates of deaths should not lead to the insufficiency of provisions for farmers. They get wages less than what the government has predetermined which is 60 rupees per day, it varies from region to region and crop to crop. The paid money is not even a quarter of what other people get from their slog. In a year, they at least take on one strike for their amelioration and some farmer’s suicide and become the suspect of being disregarded by the government and society.



Farmers is the cornerstone of our society, don’t take them for granted. If they decide, they can become the cause of your hunger, but they are very optimistic and pragmatic towards what they do. Consider them while you eat because they are behind fulfilling your cravings and hunger. Society should understand them at every instant not only when they come forward for themselves. The farm is incomplete without farmers because no one is competent like them to stay serene and forebear while working and like every fruit needs tree in the same way every farm needs farmer for its growth and betterment. Every year at least one farmer suicide and unlatches the eyes of authorities who care least about these farmers and come forward when they are finally awake. Have anyone ever thought of what will happen if farmers decide to give up? No. Because If no farmer, then no grains and no food. Contemplate while you waste food because there is endeavor behind that food and it can fulfill someone’s hunger. Being farmers they cannot enjoy getting facilities and pass on due to malnutrition.

Show some respect and love for farmers because they deserve it and not hate. Don’t neglect them look deeply into their problems and you will realize their worth and life. People who are facing a miserable life help them to get out of it. When you will see any farmer thank them with gratitude it will make their day they don’t want your money all they want is your love and respect, because getting it is very arduous for them since we humans make the distinction between the classes and that’s what makes some people superior and some inferior. Farmers are a significant part of our life, they are humans treat them like family and not a servant.

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Eco-friendly Products

Nikita Sharma

Ways to help the environment by using eco-friendly products

Environmental conditions are rapidly going downwards as humans have done so much harm to the environment and we all can see the impact it has left. There are many ways to work upon it if we are eager to change the condition.

Some efforts you can put in to create an impact-

  • Biodegradable pots – People are using the plastic pots in comparison to Biodegradable pots which are made of mud. Replacing a simple pot in your garden or home place can make a huge difference.
  • Herbal colors – We have many festivals in India. Replacing your chemical colors with natural herbal colors for the occasion of Holi would be more beneficial as the skin problems have been increasing from past years.
  • Led bulbs- Led bulbs are more environmentally beneficial, they are more lightweight and have a long life as well.
  • Solar panels – They are being used widely but still they are not enough. Solar panels are the most natural way of conserving natural energy.
  • Herbal cosmetics – Herbal cosmetics are in trend because of their eco-friendly and skin-friendly characteristics. They have less or no effect on the environment and are very popular amongst millennials.
  • Rainwater harvesting – This efficient way to conserve the natural rain and reverting it back to the soil or conserving in an underground water tank has to be accepted by more people.
  • Jute Bags- Replacing your daily routine poly bags, which you carry to your market place or grocery and vegetable shops with jute or cloth bags, will be a good initiation, as they are more nature friendly and have more strength.
  • Reusable Mask- As the current situation has been altered and masks are playing a major role in our daily life, it is better to use reusable cloth masks instead of ‘use & throw’ masks. One time masks are primarily for the hospitals. But We can prefer reusable and washable cloth masks as it is more eco friendly.
  • Tetra Packs – As packed food and other grocery are being packed in more of plastic bottles and containers. Using Tetra packs which are bio-degradable and don’t cause harm to nature would be a good idea.
  • Natural Broom- People are shifting drastically towards the plastic broom which is very harmful in many ways and going to come up with new problems in the future. It is the time that we start using naturally made broom (generally constructed with stiff grasses).
  • Copper Utensils – There are more shifting towards steel and plastic utensils, that have more harmful effects on human health and the environment. Using more steel can cause Alzheimer. Using copper utensils are much more eco-friendly as well as human friendly. Copper has many benefits of its own which are well known.
  • Toilet paper – As this is a whole western idea but as it is increasing in India as well, so more bamboo tissue products that are more eco-friendly should be used.
  • Silicone food storage bags- Using silicone made bags for food storage which are Reusable and not harmful to the environment as well as your health.
  • Plantable Sprout Pencils – It is a great innovative concept that has come up. They can grow into plants once they are too short to use. To top of that, they are 100% natural and toxin-free.


Making a small change in your routine can create a huge impact.

‘you become what you choose’

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Stop Cyberbullying

 Charu Kriti

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers. Cyberbullying can occur through SMS, texts, and apps or online in social media, forums or gaming where people can view, participate in or share content. It includes sending, posting or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation.

Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior with the prevalence of social media and digital forums, comments, photos, posts, and content shared by individuals can often be viewed by strangers. All states have laws requiring schools to respond to bullying. As cyberbullying has become more prevalent with the use of technology, many states now include cyberbullying or mention cyberbullying offences.  Under these laws, schools may take action either as required by law or with local or school policies that allow them to discipline or take other action. Parents and educators should be aware of the different types of cyberbullying, so they can adopt measures to prevent and confront them. Cyberbullying includes dozing which publishes revealing personal information about an individual, defaming or harassing the victim. Harassment is posting hurtful, threatening, or intermediating messages online. Impersonation creating fake accounts or gaining access to personal real social media accounts.

Beware of your child’s online activities. Children should not be allowed to browse the internet freely. Parents and teachers should monitor the sites that the children use and be Cognizant of the apps they download.


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– Olivia Sarkar

A handmade craft is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. It is a traditional main sector of craft and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill, including work with textiles, moldable and rigid materials, paper, plant fibers, etc.


Using textiles or leather:

Bagh prints, Banner making, Batik, Calligraphy, Crochet, Darning, Dyeing, Embroidery, Felting, Knitting, Lace-making, Macramé, Quilting, Rug making, Silk-screening, Tapestry, Crochet, and Weaving.

Using wood, metal, clay, bone, horn, glass, or stone:

Beadwork, Bone carving, Carpentry, Ceramic art, Chip carving, Copperarts, Dollhouse construction and furnishing, Doll making, Jewellerydesign, Metalwork, Mosaics, Pottery, Puppetmaking, Sculpture, Toymaking, Woodburning, Wood carving, Woodturning.

Using paper or canvas:

Alteredbooks, Artisttradingcards, Bookbinding, Cardmaking, Collage, Décollage, Decoupage, Embossing paper, Iris folding, Origami or paperfolding, Papercraft, Papermaking, marbling, Paper, papercraft or card modeling, Papier-mâché, Pop-up books, Quilling, Rubber/acrylic stamping and Scrapbooking.

Using plants other than wood:

Basket weaving, Floral design, Pressed flower craft, Soapmaking, Straw marquetry.


Balloon animals, Cake decorating, Candle making, Egg decorating.


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Eco-friendly fabrics

– Charu

Natural fabrics are derived from the fibers of animals, coats, plant seeds, stems and leaves, and silkworm cocoons. They are soft and breathable and UV does not cause discoloration.

  • Coir- Coir is a natural fabric obtained from the fibrous husk of a coconut. It is stress resistance, biodegradable. It is used to make sacking, twine, doormats, and items such as bags and ropes. It is also a good fabric to control soil erosion.
  • Cotton- Cotton is one of the best known natural fibers. It is being used since about 3000BC. It is soft, strong, flame retardant, hypoallergic. It is used to make clothes and become furniture, bags, and medical products.
  • Hemp- Hemp is quite unusual in that it is both very soft and durable. It can be used in clothing as well as in-home decoration such as table linens, dish towels, and sheets.
  • Leather- It is elastic and soft and very comfortable to wear. It is comfortable in heat and cold. As well as being made into clothing and shoes also in belts, sofas, and harness.
  • Linen- Linen is hypo- allergic and protects against sun radiation. It has been used for over 10,000 years and is luxurious and comfortable. Linen is obtained from the flax plant. It is a string and can absorb up to 20 times its weight in liquid.
  • Ramie- Ramie is stronger than linen and cotton, obtained from Ramie plant. It is a strong absorbent and can be dyed easily.
  • Silk- The strongest fabric in the world is silk, obtained from cocoons of silkworms. Silk is luxurious beautiful and keeps warm in the cold and cool in the heat. It is also used in medicine.
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Acid Attack: A Burning Issue in India

– Charu Kirti

Women constitute an important part of society. They are responsible for giving birth to live, but unfortunately, they are made to lose their lives in the name of different brutalities committed against them. Whenever a woman decides to raise her voice against her substandard position in the patriarchal society, she is shunned by different means, either by acid physical abuse, or by burning her to death. Over the best decade, India has been witnessing an alarming growth of acid attack, especially on women.A study revealed that 78% of the reported acid attack case is for refusal to marriage or a rejection of romance. “Acid attack on young women” is some of the headline’s newspaper. The most common type of acid utilized in these assaults includes sulphuric, nitric, and hydrochloric acid. Attackers will usually throw acid on the face, resulting in scarring, deformity, and permanent injuries. The treatment is a prolonged one and the victims go through several surgeries, each more painful than the one before.

‘The Criminal Law’ (Amendment) Act 2013, the guidelines by the Supreme Court of India the regulations have become stricter. But the survey of 2014 showed a 300% increase in the total number of acid attack cases reported. Our legal and medical systems have also proved very weak while dealing with such cases. Section 326 A in the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for acid attackers. The minimum punishment is 10 years imprisonment. It can extend up to life imprisonment with fine. A separate law to punish offenders in such cases was passed along with amendment of the law on sexual offenses.

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Government schemes on Secondary School

– Charu Kriti

Secondary Education is the most significant stage in the educational hierarchy as it prepares the students for higher education and the world of work. The Education system in this country has gone through a lot of changes over the years. The standard of Education getting better and better these days just because of government is trying to encourage children with the help of various schemes that provide better facilities.

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)-  This program was introduced in 200q. The SSA is a flagship program for the children to get Universal Elementary Education. SSA is mainly useful for children between 6 to 14. It includes children from all social classes
  • National Program For Education Of Girls at Elementary Education- This has been initiated to reach girls. This program was started in July 2003. This program provides extra support for improving the Education of girls. The main focus of this program is to break gender stereotypes and girls get good Education.
  • Mid Day Meal Scheme-  This plan was launched in 1995 to provide mid-day meals. The main aim of creating this scheme was to eliminate classroom hunger if children.
  •  Beti Padhao Beti Bachao-  This scheme was initiated in 2015. The main objective of this program was initially to protect girls from foeticide.
  • Scheme For Infrastructure Development In Minority Institutions-  To improve the quality of education, the scheme has been started to improve the infrastructures in unaided/ aided schools. The plan objective to give places that have a minority population above 20 percent.
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Natural food


Natural food is also known as organic food or the food which is free of chemicals. In today’s hurry life, we want every work should be done faster, that’s why we use certain chemicals like ethylene, NBA to increase the rate the plant growth. If these chemicals only affect an increase in growing plants, it will not bother us but it is also affecting the nutritional quality of food.

Benefits :-


  • Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol.
  • Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that are under-consumed, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate (folic acid).
  • Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Fruit sources of potassium include bananas, prunes, and prune juice, dried peaches and apricots, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and orange juice.
  • Dietary fiber from fruits, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower the risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for proper bowel function. It helps reduce constipation and diverticulosis. Fiber-containing foods such as fruits help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories. Whole or cut-up fruits are sources of dietary fiber; fruit juices contain little or no fiber.
  • Vitamin C is important for the growth and repair of all body tissues helps heal cuts and wounds, and keeps teeth and gums healthy.
  • Folate (folic acid) helps the body form red blood cells. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant should consume adequate folate from foods.

Health benefits

  • As part of an overall healthy diet, eating foods such as fruits that are lower in calories per cup instead of some other higher-calorie food may be useful in helping to lower calorie intake.
  • Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.
  • Eating a diet rich in some vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancers.
  • Adding fruit can help increase the intake of fiber and potassium which are important nutrients that many Americans do not get enough of in their diet.


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Home farming, A tasty success!


Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson

The health benefits of organic fruits and vegetables are more than market bought food covered with pesticides and other chemicals. Sometimes it can be intimidating to start a home garden owing to less space, less knowledge, and fewer resources, but home farming can be made into a tasty success. The Advantages of home farming are

  1. Naturally grown fresh organic fruits and vegetables which is chemical-free
  2. Children also get to participate in the farming processes which makes them more appreciative of food and have a greater awareness of nature 
  3. Bringing organic food to local communities will help in improving public health.

    Some of the most popular techniques are


The best way to make use of less space and achieve maximum output with a little bit of creativity is vertical farming. Vertical farming requires plants to be grown on vertically inclined surfaces. It requires less water and plants can be grown all year round. As a result, less used or abandoned spaces can be utilized to grow plants.

Plants that can be grown using vertical farming: kitchen herbs like basil lettuce, kale, tomatoes etc.


One of the greatest advantages of container gardening is that a variety of vegetables and fruits can be grown with proper conditions like required sun exposure, watering system, and of course a container. It is important to keep watering as soils in containers can dry out faster. The bigger the container the better as plants can grow more! This type of farming doesn’t require a lot of time to set up compare to other methods.

Plants that can be grown using container farming: cucumbers, beans, onions, eggplant etc.


For those who stay in buildings, there is an easy method for you all too. This method makes use of unused spaces in urban areas and has been very successful. It has also received adulation for the positive environmental impact as these plants capture moisture in the atmosphere, lowers the temperature in summer, and provides extra insulation for buildings. More than one family can get together and manage to farm. It is necessary to manage sun and wind exposure and maintain a good water system.
Plants that can be grown using rooftop farming: almost all vegetables and fruits can be grown using this method like tomatoes, lemon, strawberries, bell peppers etc.

The choice of method always depends on the choice of plants, how much sun and wind exposure, how much water every plant requires, and accessing how much space can be utilized for farming. After having considered all these options nothing can stop from home farming becoming a tasty but also a healthy success!

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