Giving is Saving

The amount you donate will save many lives. Kindly check out our causes and do your part. All your donations will definetly make someone’s life beautiful.

Immediate support needed for covid relief

The current pandemic is destroying the lives of many. Many students and parents find it difficult to afford educational fees. We help those who in need and also support the families that suffer from huge economical crisis. Other than this, many are suffering to get proper medication and treatment for Covid. We also support them and assist them in getting proper treatment.

Women Empowerment

We work for women empowerment and development. We, on a max scale, being a women centric organization provide them with career and internship opportunities. We also help women to own their startups and help them starting an NGO, if they are interested. The development of women is directionally proportional to the development of our nation.

“We Rise By Lifting Others”

Ongoing Causes


Covid-19 treatment fund

This Coronavirus pandemic as nature us giving us a tough fight we need to stand like a soldier, As together we stand, divide we fall here too it implements. This pandemic has shows us that in life the most important thing is life itself. Your support will help us bring a change in someone’s life.

Animal care fund

As we’re the one who are dominating the society because of the intelligence we have got, we must also be responsible towards the other beings we share the planted with. As we don’t exist alone and if they’re going to be extinct we are together going to fal. Save Animals, Save Planets! #alllivesmatter

Revival of Indigenous Arts

Any nation, or any state is known by its culture, traditions and arts. As India is the biggest origin of many religious art forms. We are very much diverse,as if you walk away 50km the food, the clothe, traditions and language is different.

Renewable Energy Campaign

Win Green Energy(part of NAF) centralizes technical support to whoever takes up green renewable energy access projects. We wish to be the strength of these people, who aim to make the future a better place to live. 

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Why Donate Us?

We do not have the time, we just have the heart to volunteer.

NAF is a start-up NGO mainly focus on women empowerment and their roles. It’s our authentic progress to make women think out their boxes and to bring out of their boundaries.  Its homepage mainly targets how to make it happen in deeds. NAF believes much in deeds, less in words. This homepage makes sense for job seekers and it helps to cheer up the inability in each and every one of you that walked in during this pandemic.

The Nanjil Anand Foundation takes pride in joining hands with people like you! The foundation is a non-profit organization that works towards making this place a better place to live in! Its focus on mission and cause that spreads on a wide spectrum makes it a holistic organization working for the wellness of the system.