Eco-friendly fabrics

– Charu

Natural fabrics are derived from the fibers of animals, coats, plant seeds, stems and leaves, and silkworm cocoons. They are soft and breathable and UV does not cause discoloration.

  • Coir- Coir is a natural fabric obtained from the fibrous husk of a coconut. It is stress resistance, biodegradable. It is used to make sacking, twine, doormats, and items such as bags and ropes. It is also a good fabric to control soil erosion.
  • Cotton- Cotton is one of the best known natural fibers. It is being used since about 3000BC. It is soft, strong, flame retardant, hypoallergic. It is used to make clothes and become furniture, bags, and medical products.
  • Hemp- Hemp is quite unusual in that it is both very soft and durable. It can be used in clothing as well as in-home decoration such as table linens, dish towels, and sheets.
  • Leather- It is elastic and soft and very comfortable to wear. It is comfortable in heat and cold. As well as being made into clothing and shoes also in belts, sofas, and harness.
  • Linen- Linen is hypo- allergic and protects against sun radiation. It has been used for over 10,000 years and is luxurious and comfortable. Linen is obtained from the flax plant. It is a string and can absorb up to 20 times its weight in liquid.
  • Ramie- Ramie is stronger than linen and cotton, obtained from Ramie plant. It is a strong absorbent and can be dyed easily.
  • Silk- The strongest fabric in the world is silk, obtained from cocoons of silkworms. Silk is luxurious beautiful and keeps warm in the cold and cool in the heat. It is also used in medicine.

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