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The irresponsible human acts, such as over-consumption of natural resources, deforestation, and production of the chemical waste burdens the environment and has a harmful impact on human lives as well. Every year on 5th June, World Environment Day is observed to spread awareness for the protection of our environment. It’s high time that we as an individual must contribute to protect and sustain our environment.

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Climate Stabalization

Using Renewable sources does not only promises the future but also helps the people to remain healthy.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is useful energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human transcales.

Sustainable Farming

Agriculture is the chief reservoir of national income for most developing countries. It generates possibilities to raise people out of poverty

Wildlife Preservation

Agroforestry assists in ensuring high levels of nutrition and health due to an increase in quality of yield and its diversity.

Environment condition in India

India has a rich culture made of traditions passed down carefully through generations. It is known for these traditions and for the environment it was created in. From national parks, to the most well-known habitat for Bengal Tigers, India is a beautiful place to experience nature. But that unfortunately does not mean that India is all that way. Climate change globally is affecting our every move, as many already realise and understand. There are three main countries that will be talked about in this piece: India, China and Australia and the current climate statistics in these three countries.

India had its eighth highest year since 1901 with an increase in average temperature of 0.28 degrees Celsius. It had extreme floods, cold waves, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Cyclones hit coasts harder than ever and more frequently.

Happening Now

Carbon is a component of our life. It is binded with us in every means of living on earth. It is a minor yet crucial component of the atmosphere. It is released from natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruption and from human acts such as burning fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum) and deforestation. The ozone layer can protect the atmosphere of earth only up to a certain limit. The limit wasn’t exceeded until fossil fuels started to be used as the main means of transportation.

China’s carbon emissions increased by 1.7%, which might not seem like a lot, but when calculated, the total emissions of 2020 by China were 144,000,000,000 metric tonnes (14400 crore).

Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, water vapour and chlorofluorocarbons – CFCs are termed as greenhouse gases.

Our Impacts


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Our Top Priorities

There is an immediate need for alternatives for fossil fuel and other similar energies in this era of ruining the future world and trying to get rid of it. Following are some ideas for betterment of the environment.


Using and promoting Renewable Energy for a better environment and saving the extinguishable energy like coal


Itself signifies its meaning ,plant more and more trees they give us fruits and leaves that serve as food


Cleanliness is necessary for a healthy existence.


Agroforestry helps to reap considerable benefits on both economic and environmental fronts.


Agriculture is necessary to humans because it makes the foundation for food security.

Effects of Greenhouse gases

Later in the mid-20th century due to human reasons, the average greenhouse gas effects are rising and rising that will lead to:

  • Earth will become warmer in some regions and will not
  • Warmer regions will evaporate more and become wetter. yet this won’t happen in all warmer regions, as they become dry
  • Glaciers will melt more and the ocean level will increase which will lead to lesser land areas. This happens also when the sea water gets warm, as water expands on heating
  • Higher carbon dioxide levels will be having both positive effects and negative effects on crop yields. Some experiments have shown that elevated carbon dioxide levels can help plant growth. Yet, crop yield may increase or reverse altogether depending on  other factors such as change in temperature, water and nutrient constraints


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Intergovernmental Panel

The Intergovernmental Panel, in its fifth assessment report concluded there’s a more than 95 percent probability that human made greenhouse gases have caused much of the observed increase in Earth’s temperatures over the past 50-plus years.

Environmental Management

In many nations, Environmentalism has become a prevalent political force. Green movements and green politics parties have manifested the development in many western countries to challenge environmental management.

Treaties of the International Environment

Yet, the treaties of the International Environment bind only the countries that agree to cooperate with them. Also, the rich and poor countries do not agree on taking responsibility for sharing the cost of environmental problems.


These statistics show how much the world is being affected by climate change, so Don’t deny, be an ally!


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