Financial Education to All

Financial education is a type of education which focuses on providing financial knowledge and skills to a person.

Mission & Vision 

Our mission is to educate , inspire and empower people so that they can effectively take their financial decisions which will lead them financially empowered. This is our main aim to be achieved.
Our vision is to promote education about financial literacy. A strong foundation of financial literacy can help to support various life goals such as savings for education and retirement , trade personal assets and using debt carefully and can smoothly run business.
Financial education helps us to provide various kinds of benefits in our daily lives.

Financial Knowledge

People who are having good financial education have the knowledge of financial management, financial budget and investing as well.
Nowadays people have a variety of knowledge but they fail to understand the importance of financial education in their lives.
Person having financial education never falls into financial frauds whereas people who don’t have or have lack of knowledge in the field of finance mostly get trapped in financial frauds.

Saves Us

Nowadays financial frauds are increasing at an increasing rate. So to avoid being trapped in financial fraud one needs to have good financial education. Financial education involves multiple sectors in which the youth of our nation should perfect. It involves understanding how to do check account work, how to use credit cards and how to avoid debt in future.

Financial Education in India

Like other nations India is still lacking behind in providing financial education among the youth of our nation. In India financial education is still not prioritized in comparison to other developed nations.
Lack of financial education causes poor investment plans and financial depictions of a family is also affected. Financial education should be made a compulsory subject in every school of INDIA so that from a young age only students have knowledge of it and they use that knowledge in their future. According to a survey conducted 76% of the adults don’t have financial education and always fall into a trap.

Financial Education

Significance of Financial Education

● Financial education helps a person to live a sustainable life without any pressure.
● It helps the youth to avoid been caught in the frauds
● It helps you to handle your finances in an effective manner.
● It helps in making good financial decisions for the future and make you understand the importance of it.
● It brings clarity on basic financial concepts.

Gain Financial Education

People can gain financial education in different ways
● They can talk to any financial professionals.
● They should focus on financial news.
● They should start keeping a budget.
● Start reading financial magazines.
● Start reading financial blogs.

These are some ways you can have financial education.

 Benefits of Financial Education

● It provides better ability to take financial decisions
● People are more effective in managing their money and debt.
● They have greater knowledge to reach their financial goals.
● They can reduce their expenses.
● Less financial stress among families.
● Knows how to make a budget.
● Knows which investment plan will help them in future.

Events Conducted

  1. Extempore Competition – 27th June,2021
  2. Cricbuzz Bidding Event – 11th July,2021
  3. Seminar on ‘Demystify your finances’ – 24th July,2021

Some images of the events are shown below


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