Let’s eat natural foods

This slogan says that good food is the foundation of an inviolable building called inner peace.

Organic foods

Home made

Fresh foods

Do foods actually affect our happiness?

Medics say YES!
But how?!
A mood regulator called “Serotonin” is secreted naturally in the brain with the help of vitamin B.
Not only B vitamins but also other nutrients take part in mood swings. So it is a fact that foods affect our thoughts and emotions.

How does junk food take part?

As we all know, the modern food menu is made up of junk food and fast food (such as pizzas, burgers, etc.) that will never improve our well-being. We still prefer these types of food because of how good they taste, even though we know the hazards of having junk foods. They are the reason for headaches, body pain, mood swings, and a lot more.

Eating habits?

Yes! You heard it right. There are habits for eating too!
We should eat the right food at the right time as well. Procrastination for eating has become prevalent in this era of running behind responsibilities. People should know that having a good meal at the right time is also a responsibility of self-care.

Unhealthy eating habits ?

We know what is good food. Yet, many of us are not aware of healthy eating habits.
Some Unhealthy eating habits are listed below:

  • Not having food at the time,
  • Overeating
  • Eating too fast

    And so many more!

  • Ways to change the unhealthy eating habits

    Now we have identified some unhealthy eating habits, and so its easy for us to change them.
    Are there any substitutes or the deliciousness of fast food, but with healthy effects on our bodies?

    Savory foods are a craving like no other. Fast food and other junk can be an appealing route to satisfy the need for salt, but is never the best choice. If you start to feel that familiar twinge on your tongue, try some of the below healthy foods!

    Alternative foods !

    Sweet foods are the toughest foods to look away from. Sugar has been regarded as an addictive substance for a while now, and while in moderation, is quite alright, having too much can end up in addiction and unhealthy weight gain. The craving can be overpowering sometimes, though! Here are few good ways to beat that craving.

    Solids and liquids


    Drink some water. Your body always tells you what it actually needs. More often than not, your body needs more water when it is craving sugar. Sugars are a good source of glucose, which is a type of fuel for the body.

    Mixed nuts

    Nuts are an ideal nutritious snack.
    They are joined to reduce the risk of heart disease and may help to prevent some kinds of cancers and other diseases .

    Organic food

    Organic food is also good for your body. Not only does organic food taste better, but it also feels better for the body. Preservatives and chemicals make the taste of the food you eat degrade. Our stomach wasn’t necessarily made to digest such strong chemicals, not to mention, eating organic foods is also healthier for the environment.

    Say no to unhealthy foods!

    In conclusion, junk food and non-organic food aren’t the best options for our bodies, but other ones are! Moderation is healthy, but try to come back to healthier foods!

    Mixed Berries

    Berries are one of the best source of antioxidants around. Eat a mixture of different color berries to get an array of these powerful components.


    Almonds are high in heart-healthy mono unsaturated fat and have beneficial effects on blood sugar control. they are used in reducing weight.