Healthcare is a necessary part of every human’s life and keeps a safety net below you and your loved ones.


These can be changed with a simple mission, although hard to achieve. We as a population must fight for change. Making healthcare affordable for anyone who may need it. Creating more clinics in places that need it so that patients do not need to travel for days just for proper care and educate doctors and healthcare workers on conduct with and around those different from them.

Making sure that, if someone gets hurt, they get the best possible care is so important, but some things could be improved, so let’s look at what that is.

What Our Practice Offers

The mission for health care must be effective so that every person from rich to poor in the country shall get it done.


Many LGBTQ+ people in need of urgent care have been turned away or given substandard care because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many transgender people have been turned away from Emergency Rooms and In-patient wards because of their gender identity in India.


Affordability of healthcare has always been a problem. People that cannot pay for quality healthcare (if at all) or do not get benefits with a job are in danger of having emergencies that cannot be taken care of due to the lack of funds.

The government of India launched the National Health Mission (NHM) in 2013 for National rural health mission and national urban health mission.

The main goal of this mission is to improve and maintain the access and availability of quality health care for people especially for those who reside in rural areas, the poor, women and children.


Women are often not receiving the care that they deserve due to a lack of resources and available doctors. Many patients in Delhi must travel out of state to receive quality care from OB/GYNs.

We have conducted numerous events in the health care sector.

About Indian Healthcare

The main component in Health care that is undertaken by the government of India include

~ Health system strengthening,

~ Reproductive maternal neonatal child and adolescent health, that is RMNCH+A,

~ Communicable and

~ Non-communicable diseases.

Our Network

We have more than 300 interns and volunteers working for this amazing cause and I hope you will also want to be part of it.

What People need to hear.

Give individuals what they need: food, medication, clean air, unadulterated water, trees and grass, wonderful homes to live in, a few hours of work, more long periods of recreation. Try not to ask who merits it. Each person merits it.

Leave us alone the ones who say we don't acknowledge that that a child dies every three seconds basically on the grounds that he doesn't have the medications you and I have. Leave us alone the ones to say we are not fulfilled that your place of birth decides your appropriate forever. Leave us alone shocked, let us be noisy, left us alone intense.

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