Information Technology

In education, learning is made more fun and convenient by the advancements of technologies.


The use of computers and devices to store or retrieve data is known as information technology (IT) .The term Information Technology first appeared in an article published in Harvard Business Review in 1958.

Technology was created for our needs and thus we should use it wisely , without getting abused by misusing it . It is just a tool which can get us improved  as well as exploited . Everyone must know how to use it wisely.


Innovation is best when it unites individuals.

Technology has advanced far beyond our ancestor’s wildest dreams. Technology has become a part of our lives , that cannot be parted . From televisions (invented in 1927) becoming slimmer and more affordable, to telephones (invented 1829) has become more powerful than the rocket that landed on the moon! With so much power, the world has changed significantly. What are some of those ways?

 The definition of IT

Techniques for processing

Before phones, Morse code and letters were the most popular modes of communication. This was slow and often ineffective as by the time the information arrived, it was most probably obsolete.

Decision making

Telecommunication has streamlined this by using electronic signals to move information miles, across land and water.

Higher order thinking

It has connected the entire world and brought us to become a small village, as compared to the large, disconnected world that we used to live in. Computers act the same.

They bring a disconnected world the ability to learn from people on the other side of the planet.