– Harika Solasa

Art means expression of creativity or imagination. And culture about the living nature of the people. Every country has their own culture like in India we have several states and districts, so all have different cultures. Gujarat is a place of colours, love, excellence, business and extravagance. There are enough reasons to visit Gujarat, it is located in the western part of India. It is known for being the state of rich history, culture and heritage back in thousands of years. Here we know about Arts and Culture of Gujarat state.  

Types of Handicrafts in Gujarat:

There are several arts which are very famous in Gujarat. When it comes to arts and Dance most of the people are involved. Gujarat is famous for its classy thread work. Here’s some of famous Gujarat’s finest textiles:

  • Tribal areas dye

One can see glimpse of Gujarat culture in the dress materials made of tie-dye technique. The Bandhej garments are available in many patterns and each one of them has a variant touch.

  • Beadwork

It is created by joining 2-3 beads together. Gujarat specialises in the art of beadwork on clothes as it enhances its appeal. Beads are used to create hanging chaklas, Indhonis, Mangal kalash, nariyal, artefacts, necklaces, bangles, earrings, ornaments, motifs, patterns and torans.

  • Zari

Zari embroidery is one of the oldest handicrafts. Historians say that the tradition of the Zari was started during the Mughal era. Zari was the favourite fabric of Mughals and artisans used to decorate it further with motifs and patterns resonating the Mughal glory.

  • Hand Block Printing

The oldest block printing centre in the world, is still the major producer of block prints. Twinkling stars in the clear sky, Egyptian tombs, patterns of abstracts and dense forest with beautiful colour combinations are amongst the known block printing patterns.

  • Embroider and Print Work

The unique combination of pattern, stitches, thread, shapes and colour makes one embroidery look apart from the other.

  • Rogan Painting

The painting is made by boiling the colour in castor for two days till it turns into a thick gooey paste. The artists take the coloured paste in lumps on palm and then use a steel pencil as a brush to paint on cloth. The art form is available in the form of wall hangings, tablecloth, curtains, sarees and skirt borders.

Types of Dances in Gujarat

Here people are quite enthusiastic and amiable, they have many traditional forms of dance. The four major forms of dance are:

  • Dandiya Raas

It is performed by both men and women and utilizes the movement of bamboo sticks, known as Dandiyas. It has ancient roots and was believed to be played by the beloved Gopi’s of Lord Krishna.

  • Garba

It is usually performed by the females in a circular formation. It is performed with reverence of the feminine form of the divinity.

  • Padhar

It is mainly performed by the rural communities near Nal Lake.

Ghagra Choli is the Traditional Dress of Gujarat:

The traditional attire of Gujarati women is Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli; Women also wear an Odhni (dupatta or chunni) with it.

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