Everyone is Leader in this Universe


For any team or an organisation to perform at its best , a skillful leader is inevitable .Would it be possible for a team to manage the members and their progress by themselves ? The quick answer is NO !
A truthful and responsible leader is always in the bag of a successful firm.


Learn from your mistakes

Make sure to follow your intuition and do what you think is best for your team. Remember that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you correct and learn from them.

Steps to become a leader

Communicate with your team:

Make sure that you are always on the same page with your teammates. This can be ensured by creating chatting groups on platforms such as WhatsApp so that all instructions can be found and reiterated on the group.

Have confidence in your abilities:

In order for others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. Have confidence not only in your capabilities but also in your strength! Keep your confidence high in whichever way you want, as long as you are helping your team and getting the end goal

Be honest:

Tell your teammates what you expect from them when work is assigned. Be prepared to say what you mean firmly, yet not aggressively. You can use terms such as, “Kindly be sure to…” or “I have suggestions about this, we should discuss sometime .”, etc.

Who is a Leader?



One who is truthful to the coordinators or team members



One who is responsible for any success or failure of the team



One who is loyal to his teammates



One who has a clear vision and mission for the upliftment of the team



One who has great communication skills to convey the right things swiftly

Can anyone become a leader?
Anyone can transform into a pioneer that has the capacity and drive to achieve that evenhanded. Traits can be changed by focusing upon the more appealing characteristics and a while later using them to overpower the deplorable ones.
How can one acquire responsibility from your group?
A person can acquire responsibility from their groups by affecting and convincing them to set explicit destinations and furthermore become tied up with the cycle. Whenever they have set up participation and attachment, they are ready to achieve the objective.
What is the main role of a leader?
A leader’s most important role is to provide clear and compelling direction. Leaders ensure that all followers understand, embrace, and work toward achieving those objectives.
How can one negotiate their interests?
* Make the main offer.
* While examining cash, utilize substantial numbers rather than a reach.
* Pose open-finished inquiries and listen cautiously.
* Keep in mind, the best-arranged understanding allows the two sides to win.
What qualities should a leader have?
First and foremost important thing is no leader is perfect, each of us improve by time and experience so does the leader in us. A few qualities that a leader must posses are -Integrity, Innovative, Honesty, self confidence and a strong communicator.