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Head of Non-Profit & Mentor

“NAF is one such organization, which truly works on women empowerment. This is also a wonderful place, wherein a person can explore new skills and gain working experience on the same. Truly, I can say this to be one of the best non-governmental organizations I’ve ever worked with.”


Head of Non-Profit & Mentor

“I take immense pride and happiness in being the Head of the Non Profit team of NAF. I still remember the day when I joined this esteemed NGO merely as a legal intern to give a kick start to my legal career. But who knew whilst my legal venture, I would gain such an adventurous yet inexplicable experience. My journey here began with being just a legal intern to a Legal Coordinator. But that’s not it, NAF also gave me a platform to explore my skills in multifaceted areas which led me to explore the world of content writing and social media further gaining the experience of being an Editor for the Win Global News magazine and this expertise led me to be the Head of the Weekly and Fortnight magazine for NAF’s Win group which I currently am experiencing along with being the Head of the Non Profit team. I must say, if you’re committed to give your best, then NAF is the perfect place where your hard work gets paid off and efforts recognised to its best.”


Head of Designing

“Nanjil Anand Foundation has given me an opportunity to explore my latent potential. They also offer training programs to their interns and volunteers. These training session have personally helped me sharpen my skills. If you are a fresher, then I would definetly suggest you to intern with NAF.”


Head of PR Department

“NAF is an foundation which focus on preparing women leaders and making them independent, bold , strong but at the same time it teaches to be kind , sweet and welcoming. We at NAF look forward to a world which have young entrepreneurs full of enthusiasm , innovation and courage to take risk but in a calculative manner.”


Event Manager

“I’m Husaina, Magazine Lead and Event Manager of NAF! I’m proud to be a part of NAF. I’m a lover of poetry, NAF helped me to increase my talent in poetry field. NAF also helped me in increasing my self confidence.It’s a great platform to enrich our skills.”


Social Media Manager

“I have been associated with NAF for almost 5+ months and it’s been an amazing journey here with lots of learnings, fun, events and what not. NAF has always been my favourite place to work since the day I joined. I love the working environment here along with the activities performed. A person who joins NAF will always want to stay here forever.”


Head of IT Department

“NAF is such an organization which focuses on women empowerment and every intern joining here has a freedom to explore different areas which according to me is great opportunity for anyone. NAF has various focus area which is very important for every organization to have. Its literally a great place to sharpen onces skill.”


Head of Legal Department

“NAF has provided me with a platform to express ideas and innovations required in our surrounding. It has been like a mentor to guide us through our path for a good career. It focuses on various subject areas and provide you exposure on the same. Learning and studying in some institution gives us theoretical knowledge but this organisation has helped to understand the field work. My journey in this organisation has been a very productive one and it has also taught me a lot of things that would be required in the future. Being the Legal management head we are planning to make legal aid free for people who cannot afford proper help and also provide alternate dispute resolving through legal procedures.”


HRM Coordinator

“Hello everyone am Galifa Hussain.J HRM coordinator of NAFofficial .Am glad to be Interning in NAF. This is such a best place where women can learn and explore more. The work culture here is amazing since all the members get equal opportunities and also the freedom for working in different domains. They are doing their best with new campaigns every week to increase the awareness in our society.I am proud to be intern at NAF”


“I volunteered at Nanjil Anand Foundation for a month from June to July. During this period I got to assist in their campaigns to spread awareness. I was able to assist in campaigns like water and waste management campaigns, seed collection and planting campaigns and was able to spread awareness on societal issues like double burden in women. This was a wonderful opportunity and I had a good time with my helpful team. I would like to thank the foundation for the opportunity. And to wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”


“My experience with NANJIL ANAND FOUNDATION was great. The foundation gives you an insight of an unexplored part of yours. It encourages us to have a better view of the surroundings. We planted saplings and explored ways of storing water and saving it. Also, there are numerous ways to reuse the waste that is being generated on a large scale. NAF makes us explore that too. I made a video on deforestation which helped in exploring the recent happening in Madhya Pradesh. I donated food and other necessary items to nearby Kushth ashram. That made me immensely grateful for whatever I have. I pray that NAF continues to grow and keeps on promoting the betterment of environment.”


“My experience as a Volunteer in Nanjil Anand Foundation was really interesting and exciting. It was my first internship as a Volunteer and I enjoyed it a lot by doing various interesting volunteering Activities. I was able to make so many good things due to this volunteering internship. I have had a great experience at NAF as a volunteer.”


” As per my perspective extraordinary organization to work with whether you maybe a rookie or a specialist, because working at NAF has provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn new set of skills inorder to improve skill arsenals which will beneficial in your future.”


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