Renewable Energy

Energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power is known as renewable energy  (i.e., green energy) . The ultimate goal of vision and mission is to have a pollution free environment with Green energy.

Even those who don’t believe in climate change believe we should develop renewable energy.


Green Energy

There are a variety of methods of building a prosperous society, and some of them utilize considerably less energy than others. Furthermore, it is conceivable and more useful to discuss reconstructing frameworks to utilize significantly less energy than it is to ponder attempting to fulfill more prominent needs of energy through clean energy alone.


Green energy is vital to the growth of humanity and society, but right now, using these types of energies is extremely expensive and, in some places, not even accessible to begin with. The mission is to make green energy accessible in every corner of the world.

It should never be cheaper to kill our planet instead of using the resources we have and save the planet for the coming generations. Making quality EVs (Electric Vehicles) in India is essential because of the country’s ever-growing population. Although electric cars are more popular and widely known, they aren’t the only mode of transport that should run on electricity.

Two-wheelers such as motorcycles are one of the most common vehicles in India. This can open the Indian market up to cheap, energy-efficient electric two-wheelers. Giving people incentives to buy EVs will also help push the change.


Our vision is a clean energy running world. In the vision of sustainable environment , most energy comes from solar panels and wind turbines in the form of electricity where hydro and solar thermal power are also used.

Renewable energy aids preserve the nation’s fundamental resources and provide secure power supplies and fuel diversification, which intensify energy security and reduce the hazard of fuel spills while lessening the demand for shipped fuels. 

The need of the hour

Change is exactly what the environment is looking for. EVs are the world’s next steps to building a sustainable future for ourselves and for the children to come. Changes that we have complete control over can make the air we breathe cleaner and the future we have, brighter.

Our Happy Volunteers

The foundation has helped me work in every area of corporate world and has given a multi dimensional experience.

“This NGO works for different domains and encourages women to work.”

Nanjil Anand Foundation provides you an insight into the various aspects of your surroundings. They will provide you ways to look after everything that needs to be managed. We planted trees, managed waste and brainstormed about numerous things.

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