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By Charu Kirti

While we all understand how crucial Education is to shape our lives, it has also been a major problem in our country. There are several issues that the Indian Education system is grappled with. We can’t deny the fact that the Indian government and institutions have been working to reform the existing Education model.

However, there are still several issues which are required to be taken care of:

  • Rote learning: We still have not been able to move away from rote learning. Schools are changing the Education system at their level. Not everyone can afford the Education system that they offer. The government needs to take a step to eradicate rote learning.
  • Evaluation system: Marks still continue to play the most important card in deciding the future of children. The pressure of marks often makes students underperform. The focus of evaluation should be classroom participation by a student, projects, communication and leadership skills, and extra- curriculum activities.
  • Equal respect to all the subjects: Students are pushed to become a machine that only goes for high- profile subjects. Subjects like languages, communications, arts are looked down upon. Students should be pushed to pursue the subject that they like instead of creating a differentiation between subjects.
  • Better training of educators: Teachers should be given the best of class training. They are shaping the future of the nation. They should be imparted their training in a way that can act as parents to the children.
  • Introduction to technology: Students must be taught about technology right from the early years. Indian schools must embrace technology and Education with an open heart.
  • Personalize Education: Teachers must have a keen eye on observing each student. Every student has a different learning capacity.
  • Teach them the purpose of Education: Students must also be taught in-depth about the morals of life and inculcated humanistic values. They must be taught that life is beyond money and success is not measured in money.
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By Neha. Shinde

COVID-19 Lockdown has influenced enormous areas of the world and everything seems to downsize. In such circumstances don’t let your time and inventiveness go squander. Utilizing time for the right things makes oneself more insightful and productive. Ponder about making your everyday innovation. Lockdown is for eliminating the pandemic and not for downgrading the creativity. It is rightly said “Empty vessels make more noise” Don’t become an empty vessel prefer becoming a vessel full of benefits and innovation.

In this Lockdown, you can evolve yourself and increase your knowledge. Learning something that is out of your comprehension widens your understanding of something you don’t know. Acquire knowledge of new languages, Learn that is advanced in your field, Experience the failures, Noting down into diary about the whole day work, Maintaining diet, Procuring online courses certification, Learn cooking, Learn about the essential needs. Undertaking new things matures your mind and personality too. “Your habits show on your personality”. Experience teaches you the new lessons of life, without experience self-confidence can never grow because self-confidence comes after experience. Facing failures teaches you to learn and grow. It is rightly said that “Failures is the first step towards success” because failures teach one the wrong side of oneself. Creating new things and learning out of it is momentous.

This COVID-19 Lockdown has taught us numerous things and lessons. Take it in a constructive way rather than pessimistic, think as if it is the valuable time given to you to do something ingenious and to bring the best out of you when you are finally out of this pandemic. Proving yourself first is better than proving others about who you are. Our mind and body change every month and every year and we should change accordingly. Studying is an essential part of everyone’s life but doing something apart from it is unique and unusual. Once bill gates said “I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft”, this tells us that exam cannot decide someone’s future and the passion depends on oneself what one wants to be and what he wants to achieve because life is full of achievement if we decide.

Creativity is inexpensive in the terms of money but expensive in the terms of thinking. Time will not wait for your creativity and till your thinking process, it will keep moving on so make something worthy out of that time. You might come out as a more distinct and unusual person when you will step out of the house after lockdown, just the things you need to remember is utilize each and every day in gaining your success and fulfill the needs of your passion.

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