Precautions to take to be safe from contracting coronavirus!

Prevention is better than cure, you might have heard this saying since childhood. Well, it is one of the most important saying especially during this pandemic. The coronavirus is a dreaded disease because of the severity! But there are few easy steps to prevent the coronavirus. Some of it is as follows:

1)Social distancing

2)Wearing masks whenever leaving home

3)Washing hands regularly

4)Keeping track of body temperature regularly

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Migrant workers’ plight in India

When the whole country and the government was paying attention to international travelers, nobody cared about the millions of migrant workers inside the country. With just four hours of notice before the nation-wide lockdown, many migrant workers’ who depend on daily wages were stuck in cities with no employment or help from the government. With no accommodation or transport facility, migrants started walking thousands of miles to their homes. Which lead to a lot of disasters.

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